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The Creative Process: Demystified

Have you ever wondered how a creative idea comes to life? A great ad doesn’t “just happen,” there are a series of procedures and steps that take place to bring your marketing vision from concept to reality. Watch below to learn more.

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Delivering Hope One Meal at a Time

Motivated Marketing was honored to work with our friends at Meals on Wheels of Charleston recently, documenting some of the amazing things they do for our community. As a company, and as individuals, giving back to our community is an important part of the way we live and the way we strive to do business so we were thrilled for the opportunity to work with this incredible group of people. We captured some remarkable stories from people impacted by the program and met many of the volunteers and team members who make the program possible.

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The Quadrennial Summer World Sporting Event

With the Olympic games starting next week, the United States Olympic Committee has released some interesting rules regarding the use of Social Media and non-sponsor businesses.

For instance:

  • You (your business) can’t use hashtags that include Olympics trademarks such as #TeamUSA or #Rio2016.
  • Your business can’t share anything from official Olympics social media accounts. Even retweets are prohibited.
  • You must not use words that incorporate the word “Olympic,” such as Mathlympics, Aqualympics, Chicagolympics, Radiolympics, etc.
  • You can’t even wish the athletes luck.
  • Don’t post any Olympic results.
  • And definitely do not host an Olympic or Paralympic-themed contest or team-building event for employees.

Read more about the restrictions here and here. As the AdWeek article mentions, it may be frustrating for non-official sponsor brands, but it doesn’t eliminate companies from taking part in the conversation. They’ll just have to be smart about the way they do it.

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