Our Favorite “Dadvertising” Moments

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Today, we are hearing from TJ, Ben, and Adam (aka “Daddy” to the little people that live in their homes) about their favorite “dadvertising” moments.

TJ Sack – Dad of 2 – Agency Principal

Molly and Katelyn are sugar and spice.

Molly and Katelyn are sugar and spice.

With two daughters, this one hit home to me. I hope I am able to protect and be a part of my daughters’ lives as they continue to grow up. It also makes me sad because I do not want my girls to grow up. Selfishly, I want them to stay my little angels.

Campaign: Travelers Insurance “Growing Up”

Editor’s note: I’ll probably stop crying from this commercial some time next month.

Ben Gilbert – Dad of 1 – Digital Director

Jack teaches his father about cars and trucks.

Jack teaches his father about cars and trucks.

With this spot, GoGurt was able to successfully extend their brand to include the relationships between fathers and their children by using a bit of humor to play off of the idea of parents doing little extra things for their kids behind the other parent’s back as a treat. I saw this spot probably over a year ago and always remembered it, where I couldnt tell you any of their other spots, because as a brand they used this commercial to talk to me specifically and it worked. Well done to their marketing team for understanding different demographics and making the message stick.

Campaign: GoGurt “Dad’s Way”

Click here to see the spot


Adam Schwind – Dad of 1 – Account Manager, Automotive Team

Maria takes her father on a tour of NYC

Maria takes her father on a tour of NYC

Guess what, it’s a car ad. What a coincidence! Its the Hyundai Genesis commercial from awhile back.?It reminds me of my father and what I hope to be for my daughter. I think fathers everywhere that saw this could relate to it. It is very different than the average car commercial and I bet more people watched this ad all the way through in comparison to any of their other ads. It’s tough to make car commercials stick out and they did a great job doing just that.

Campaign: Hyundai “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

Happy Father’s Day, ya’ll! Call your pops and wish him a great one. If you can’t give him a call, have a beer and raise your glass. Cheers.