Coastal Kids
Web / Print / TV / Radio / Digital

When we started working with Coastal Kids Dental & Braces they had one location. Over the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of helping them grow their operation into 5 locations. This particular client has been a lot of fun to work with, as they continually challenge us to push the envelope and rethink what’s possible.

The Coastal Kids Dental & Braces brand that so many people recognize today is the direct result of our adherence to brand standards that were mutually developed between CKD and Motivated Marketing. CKD is fun, exciting, kid friendly, colorful, and energetic. Another reason we’ve been able to brand Coastal Kids Dental & Braces successfully is the fact that they’ve continually given us creative freedom, no matter what medium or occasion the project is for. Whether it’s a floor decal, billboard or window graphic, we’ve got it covered.


Our production team always has fun working with Coastal Kids Dental & Braces. Unlike productions with other clients, Coastal Kids Dental & Braces encourages our team not only to include their employees, but also the children of CKD employees in the fun and upbeat commercials we produce for them. This allows us to establish a unique connection with the local community, and has added tremendous value to our campaigns.

On The Web

We worked closely with Coastal Kids to develop a custom website from the ground up that gave them the ability to control their unique functionality needs. Their design direction was an effort to clean up their current sites content and display it in a way that is easy to navigate and engaging to the target audience. It was important to make sure the correct content was also easily accessible and viewable on mobile devices.