Plugs Appliance Center
Web / Print / TV / Radio / Identity

We’ve developed a wonderful relationship with a great spokesperson for Plugs Appliance Center. As the face of the brand, Carolyn delivers messages in a clear, upbeat, fun, and simple format that allows consumers to form a more natural connection with her and the Plugs brand. Working with Plugs we’ve had to master the art of adhering to Co-Op standards, which ensures that our client receives optimal funds from manufacturers for their commercials.

Print Collateral

Our design team has been able to work on a multitude of projects for Plugs Appliance Center, and we love the high quality feel that they expect to see in our work. We continually produce clean, simple and sophisticated designs that help communicate our client’s high brand standards.

On The Web

Plugs needed a website that utilized the Appliance Brand's catalog of images, and information for an e-commerce website. We found the most efficient method for doing this was to work with a third party vendor who specialized in appliance based s olutions.
We worked with Site On Time to help them achieve this goal.