Southwind Homes
Web / Print / Branding

Southwind Homes tasked us with helping them develop their brand. We worked closely with them to understand not only who they were, but also who their clients were, so we could create a strong foundation for them to build upon. We developed an identity for them that they can stand behind and use across all of their collateral moving forward.

Like most clients that are just starting to have a professional agency manage their brand image, Southwind Homes came to us not knowing what they needed or how to go about getting there. We love blank slates, and were excited to showcase our skills and creativity. The result was the creation of the widely recognized brand image you see today including their logo, stationary, and business cards.

Print Collateral

Most of the print collateral developed for Southwind Homes is very practical. The color scheme, textures and designs we developed appeal to a rather varied demographic. We developed everything from signs at building sites, to posters, door decals and even visual representations of future communities for Southwind Homes to show potential buyers. The work for this client was fun and unique because utilitarian design can easily end up being rather bland or raw. We didn’t let that happen. Even if we’re tasked with making something as simple as a directional sign, we’re going to make it look good. That’s just who we are.